Bariatric Mindset Group Program
There comes a time when you realize that KNOWING and DOING are two different things.

You may KNOW exactly WHAT to do, and at the same time, you KNOW that you are not DOING it. 
There comes a time when you realize that you're struggling with:
  •  autopilot behaviors
  •  emotional eating
  •  emotional overwhelm
  •  self-sabotage
And... there's a time when you recognize that it's DEEPER than just meal planning or back to basics and you've GOT to get to the CORE ISSUE. 

There also comes a time when you realize that you need to do something about it and do something drastically DIFFERENT! 
I totally get that!
Are you READY to be part of a group that understands YOUR struggle and that understands YOUR pain with emotional eating? 

Are you ready to be part of a group that will help you understand yourself, gain tools and strategies to help you overcome the food issues and emotional eating, to help you stay on track, or get you back on track when you go astray?
Are you ready to be part of a group that will empower you to make the lifestyle changes that are needed for the long-haul?

Support is what you need and yet you want something more personalized and more in depth.

You want a sisterhood, a team, a tribe, to lift you up when you’re down and experiencing challenges.
I’ve been there.
Having been over 400lbs and having bariatric surgery myself, I understand the struggles with food, having to build new coping mechanisms, and the emotional challenges that arise. 

You want a group that gets YOU, your struggle, and your pain.

You want to be called out on the excuses and you want to be held accountable.

You want to get back on track and STAY on track.

You want to understand WHY you do the things you do and REAL strategies, tools, and techniques to change FOR GOOD!

You want the lifestyle shifts and lifestyle change – for the long haul.

You want to know that others know where you’ve been, and have an idea of where you want to go.

Staying the SAME won’t get you the results you desire. 

And you know something HAS to change inside you, in your MINDSET and in your daily actions.

You are hurting because you’re so frustrated that you can’t resist the food, or that you can’t seem to get a handle on your relationships, your eating patterns, or the like.

I’ve been there and I get it.

You got the surgery to overcome the struggle, yet you still feel like while some things have changed, there are many things that have stayed the same.

This is because it’s more than just the food – it’s your mindset, it's your behavior, it’s how you feel about you, it’s the outside pressure and judgment from family or friends. You experience pressure at work, and stress and as a result of surgery – your coping mechanism (the food) is just not there for you like it used to be.

You are being called upon to change, and you don’t know how. You want to eat protein first, yet the potato is calling your name.
That something is YOU.

Enrollment is now closed. Join the waitlist to be notified in August for our next enrollment period! 
I’m Kristin, and I’m here to guide you and many others through a group mentoring program that leads you to life-long weight loss and lifestyle success. While you think it’s just the food, the nutrition, the exercise and “THE PLAN” – it’s so much more.

It’s how you feel about the plan, how you feel about yourself, and learning new strategies and tools following bariatric surgery that lead you to success.

And that’s why I’m here.
I've had weight loss surgery and I've had to cultivate the practices and lifestyle changes to keep the weight off long-term. I'm also a licensed psychotherapist, and the international leading expert in success beyond bariatric surgery.

I’m here to guide you to the success you’ve wanted, one step at a time, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your life – and leading you to lifelong-weight loss and lifelong bariatric success.
This is a group of bariatric/wls peeps of all shapes, sizes and of all backgrounds. Some are less than three months out and others have years’ post-surgery. The goal is to get back on track and stay on track for the long-term.
This is a commitment and this is not a jump in jump out type of group – it's for 4 whole months!

We lift you up when you’re down and we soar together.

Commitment is one of our biggest priorities because I know- we know that without commitment, you’ll be backsliding into old patterns.

This program is a commitment to yourself, a commitment to your goals, a commitment to your future and a commitment of ALL of who you want to become on this bariatric journey that you’ve begun.
But... what's beneath the surface? 
Mindset Basics & Mindset Matters at any stage
Food & Feelings / Emotional Eating
Back on Track (back to basics)
Stay on Track & Dealing with Plateaus
Physical Activity/Exercise
Healthy Boundaries
Healthy Relationships
Career/Work-Life Success
Body Image
Bariatric Performance (Time Management/Productivity)
THE Results:
ROCK your self-esteem, confidence and self-worth
The POWER to stay on track with the bariatric program 
Overcome emotional eating, persistent negativity & self-doubt
Healthy Relationship with FOOD
Long-term bariatric success & long-term weight loss
Juicy relationships and marriages
Feel GOOD in your body and in your clothes! 
Healthy Boundaries for Home & Work 
Career Advancement
(For Singles) Dating, sex, relationships, and boundaries

  •  (2) 3-hour group calls per month (value $450 per call) 8 calls to participate in TOTAL over the course of the 4-month program
  •  All sessions are recorded so you can download the replay and re-watch sessions at your leisure. There are 24-call hours/content hours per month you can download or listen to! (**Invaluable**)
  •  Private Secret Facebook Group exclusively for group members (**Invaluable**)
  •  Weekly Office Hours with a Q&A to get all your questions answered
  •  Weekly Intention Setting Worksheets (NEW!)
  •  Bi-Weekly Activity Worksheets dedicated to the coordinating session themes & topics
  •  Mini-Mindfulness Meditations - available for download (New!)
  •  EFT tapping mini-videos (emotional freedom techniques) (NEW!)
  •  Coaching, Accountability, & Support
  •  Orientation Intake Packet & Orientation session 
  •  Accountability partner program and small groups for greater support
  •  3-month accountability workbook (value $20)
  •   Bariatric Mindset 'Expand Your Mindset, Shrink Your Body'  Bracelet
  •  (2) Nutrition Calls from a Bariatric Nutrition/Meal Prep Expert (TBD)  (value $200)
  •  (2) Personal Training calls with a personal trainer specializing in Bariatrics (TBD) (value $200)
  •  Weekly Step Challenges & Water Check-ins 
Sponsor Bonuses: 
  •  Bariatric Vitamins/Supplements Samples 
  •  More bonuses will be announced soon! 
*New* VIP Option (1 spot remaining)
  •  Includes all the above PLUS:
  •  (1) 60-min 1:1 monthly Coaching Call with Kristin (4 total)
  •  (1) LIVLIGA Bariatric Set 
  •  (1) Month FREE of MBK Monthly (Patricia's Balanced Macros/Balanced Keto Meal Plan Program)
  •  (1) 30-day supply of Bariatric Pal ONE vitamins
  •  (1) Color Your Confidence Coloring Book 
Next open enrollment will be August 2019
Don't take my word for it - see what current members are saying: 
"I absolutely love the Bariatric Mindset Support Group. It is a place where I feel free and safe to discuss issues I am having since my surgery. There have been a lot of feeling and stuff that has happened in my head since surgery and this group has been instrumental in helping me deal with them. Kristin has armed me with the tools I need to deal with different issues and stressors as they come up! I’m also positive that this group will help in keeping regain away as most regain seems to be cause by emotions!!! "- AMP 
"I am just finishing up and coming to the end of first round of the bariatric mindset group program. To say this group has helped me would be an understatement. It has been so helpful in my journey to have the one on one help with Kristen and the other participants in the group. It’s is so reassuring to know other people understand what you’re going through and to have people to turn to that will listen. When the group program started I was really struggling with the mindset piece of bariatric surgery but now I feel stronger and more confident in my journey. I can say 100% that I wouldn’t be where I am without the support this group program has given me! "  -Beth Detter
"The Bariatric Mindset Success group program is a fantastic resource to have as both a pre and post op bariatric patient. Kristin is amazing. Working with her is more like talking to a friend rather than working with a therapist. The people that I have met in this group are pretty amazing as well. I feel totally comfortable sharing my feelings and emotions with them. It very much feels like a no judgement zone!!
I would also highly recommend that you take advantage of the accountability partner. Mine has been a remarkable help to me. 
Take advantage of this group, you WIll NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!" -Marti Bea
"Bariatric mindset group has been the best decision I made. As the Canadian representative I love it. Kristen is amazing, she is a positive knowledgeable amazing therapist. She gets all the mental struggles and setbacks. Her one on one on our biweekly calls make you believe that you will rise above your issues and problems to become what you envisioned for yourself. I am so thankful to her for many reasons. She gets it and me. Her group worksheets really help you get inside your head and figure out your next move. Also the ladies in my group have become friends. When you need that support someone is always there to talk you through it. The surgery fixes the physical. Kristin Lloyd Moussa fixes the mental. Thank you for being you " Tena Butticci
Frequently asked questions: 

What happens if I can't make it to a LIVE session? 

No worries! All sessions will be recorded and the recording link will be sent to you via email.

When will you reopen enrollment? 

We will open up another group for the FALL for September-December sessions in August. If you want to get on the wait-list, send us a message via the contact form or email

What is the difference in this group and a support group?

There is a HUGE difference in this bariatric mindset group program and a support group for a few reasons. First off, support groups are great and they are a great drop in option to help you stay on track. They offer guidance and support - however, there are many individuals that need much deeper accountability, assistance, and guidance/coaching to help with deeper emotional issues that may keep them stuck. Also, this group is meant to hold you accountable and refocus your commitment on your journey. 

In this program we will be focused on the root cause of the issues and dig deeper into the issues that seem to frequently resurface. Like anyone, life gets busy. However, that's not an excuse to get off track. This program helps to retrain your brain how to stay focused when life gets busy. This program is for individuals who are ready and committed to work on the core issues so that the symptoms subside. This program is another level of help for people who KNOW that they need to do more, gain more help beyond the support group level, and for those who are ready to commit to themselves and their growth.